Wednesday, April 15, 2009

winding down

winding down

of late I wonder if it isn’t
happening HERE
and whether or not
winding down is equal to
being unwound

and is this festering wound of
substantially no poetry
a sign of the winding down
or is the winding down
an effect of no/poetry
in which case it is
a case of being unwound
and not of winding down

where I wonder
has my glee gone
(why don’t I write about that?)

why don’t I write
about how often I think about
being dead (not-being)
or how my shape is changing?
or how my hair is getting thin;
and yes too, my skin
or how the beam of my attention span
flickers erratically?


JimStrickland57 said...

Maybe a loving word from one who holds you dear to his heart will melt away some of the gloom and fill the emptiness with that warm sunny feeling that you have brought to my soul on many occasions dear one.

zu said...

I keep on coming back to this one. unwound. (from SBJ)